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Video Wallpaper 1.0

About :
This software is used to set video as desktop background i.e wallpaper. This software comes with some limitations that is it uses windows media player as a playback system so if you don't have codecs for video file then the software will fail, also in some cases you have codes then also it fails. I am implementing on these bugs.
If you want error less playback for video as wallpaper then i recommend you to install k-lite mega codec pack, and associate it with windows media player. I tested many video files which works well except file having .Vob extension.
Also this software is good for those who want a animation
movie as a desktop wallpaper.
Also if you want to disable extra icons in system tray that are halli media splitter etc, then from start menu go to k-lite -> configuration menu select the audio ,video , halli decoder and from the settings disable the system tray icons.
So test it and enjoy.
How to use:
1. Start the application Video Walaper.
2.Click on Set then select any video file. (if you have windows media player codes or k-lite codec pack is installed.)
3. Wait and see 5 sec. preview in full screen mode.
4. Your video as wallpaper is applyed. Now enjoy this cool and ultimate software.
5. If you want to change the video just find the video wallpaper icon placed in system tray.
6. Click on it, then click on reset.
7. Again click on Set to change video.


System Requirement:
256 MB RAM
Pentium III or higher or AMD
Windows xp(.Net installed) /
(OS: Vista, Seven-> Not worked on many machines but you can try)

This software is recommended to all those who like to enhance their desktop.
Screen Shot:


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