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Folder Background Changer 1.0

This software is used to change background of any folder.

How to use:
1. Install software.
2. Right Click on any folder select Change Background
3. Browse image file which you want to set as background for that folder.
4. If want to remove background right click on the folder select
Change Background-> Reset.
5. If no ore want the background to all folders which background
is set through this software. Then From Start Menu-> Folder Background Changer->
select Reset.
6. Suppose you want to remove the software then one thing is to be done before
uninstallation that is click on Reset option from start menu, so that all the folders
background will be reset.

System Requirement:
128 MB RAM
Pentium III or Higher Processor.
Windows XP (.Net installed)
Not tested on Windows Vista/Seven

This software is recommended for users who are using
Windows Xp operatin
g system.

Screen Shots:

To download click on the image shown belowSource :


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